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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sisters Wedding

My sister is married.  ugh.  I am so happy for her and her new husband.  Here are some of my favorite wedding details.  This is truly a DIY wedding, and Erin was the one doing it.  This wedding is like seeing inside her brain, and as usual...she inspires me.  Her creativity and great eye, made this wedding as beautiful as it was.  Of course, there were a lot of other people who contributed to the execution of this gorgeous, albeit wet, day.  I have thus made an effort to link to people's web sites so if you really, really, like something you can get to that person and let them know...or give them your business.  :) 

These wedding shoes.  Bagley Michka's "Randi"...Nice touch, no? ;)

This face.  (Ruby was allowed to take a couple pictures, this may have been one of them.)

The jewelry...OK, I'm tooting my horn here:  I found this beautiful vintage bracelet at a store in Railroad square.  (see my bridal shower post)  I wasn't sure she loved it or was just being kind to me, so it was a true joy that she wore it on her wedding day.

The handkerchief that our great grandmother embroidered and we inherited.  I also used it for my wedding.  Such a pretty, sweet, touch (and I am so so so grateful I found it before we flew to NY).

This amazing house.  Which you can totally rent on VRBO.

Our totally rad bridesmaid gifts from Plum Pretty Sugar.  Also made for some great photo ops.

Her totally beautiful two piece wedding dress, which her man completely loved.  Haute Bride was where we found THE dress.  The store has some of the best customer service and true one-on-one attention that I have experienced.

These guys (barn on farmhouse property...where pictures were planned.  However, it started to dump about fifteen minutes after this picture was taken.)  The guys however, are fabulous.  And it was a true gift that Grooms big brother was able to get leave for this day.  

These fabulous, fabulous, fabulous bridesmaid dresses that I had absolutely no part in picking out (other than repeatedly showing the bride the J.Crew catalog.)  We got these dresses for less than $100, they looked pretty good on every one of our varying bodies, and were made of 100% the quality was totally there.  I also got my sash from J.Crew.

These ridiculously cute flower girls.

My "warrior" husband (who went back and forth from "Price Chopper" no less than three times the day of, bought extra umbrella's and handled a lot of last minute wedding logistics.  It's only part of why he rocks...and I am so lucky to have him as my team mate

My speech, which thankfully passed muster.  We ended it by serenading the couple... All You Need Is LOVE~

The cake.  Made by Grooms SIL.  And also the sash.  (This is the second part of the night where Bride changed into her "short dress" and I loved the sash touches, pewter and pink.)  

Me being lucky enough to have been gifted with a sister.  So blessed.  

This amazing bridal party.  These girls were such good friends to my I said at her shower: the company you keep is a testament to the kind of person you are...and these fantastic girls are proof that my sister is as wonderful as I think she is.

This face.  Ugh, my heart breaks at the cuteness.


...and this face too.  Prettiest bride.  The flowers aren't bad and I was lucky enough to be able to contribute.  We traveled to Onienta the day before the wedding and found some pretty, white, garden flowers and some spider mums at Wyckoff's florist.

The secondary photo location.  Planned on pictures at the farmhouse but the mini-monsoon determined otherwise.  Still, this covered bridge was by no means a second place...

This "guest book" idea Erin came up with.  She had guests write thoughts down for the couple to open on certain anniversaries.  Love!  (also love the burlap runners)

My sisters new MIL made these gorgeous seating charts...

A little bit of SF in NY.  The tables were named after locations in San Fran.  Erin printed and made each of these table "numbers" herself.  Notice the cork card holders?

And she made these little guys too.  Heart shaped cookie cutters with a self stamped label.

The grooms cousins were so instrumental in the making of this day...How much do we love the "tux" napkins?

Gorgeous garden roses.

Pictures of the bride and grooms parents on their wedding days.

I can't believe I'm adding this, but...the rain.  It made the day different, yet beautiful, and it let the love and care that everyone had for the couple really shine.  

These dresses.

Made by Christina's alterations.  She altered two bridesmaid dresses for me, my mom's dress, and made these for my girls.  I LOVE her.  She is friendly and very skilled.

These wellies.  We grabbed these for erin right before we left the farmhouse...Found them in the mud room.  They were definitely NOT part of the plan.  But perfect.

These caterpillars that descend from the trees like elongated snowflakes.  Just don't tell anyone I said this, apparently they are huge garden pests.

The decore.  I especially love the cigar boxes filled with Hydrangea's.  Great job, sister.

The photo booth.  Bride had every table go to the picture booth as they were excused for grub.  The couple also provided a "treasure box" full of the ridiculous items we are seen wearing.  The backdrop was picked up at a super wal-mart.  Haha

The party attitude that everyone brought with them.  About three dozen people made the lengthy trek from coast to coast, and the rain didn't damper any spirits.  (Oh, and the flower girl is wearing Toms).  This location is where the cocktail hour would have been hosted, had the rain ever stopped...

The photographer. Super professional...and what. an. eye.  They might be willing to come to Cali...check them out.  Korver Photography

The location.  Finally.  Thanks goes to the grooms family who worked tirelessly to make their home wedding ready.  


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Randi! what a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your sister :-)

  2. That is so beautiful! Looks like something out of a magazine. Love it. Jen A

  3. Nicely put together, Randi. Erin is very creative and has an 'eye" as do you. Thanks for giving credit to the professionals and the suppliers who helped make this day happen. And, also for giving credit to all the people who did indeed bring their' 'party' with them. Mom